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ted nugent reviewed motor city mayhem blu-ray

USA_album_EVBRD33336This disc kicks major ass. The reason is simple.

Nobody has more fun than ‘THE NUGE’..this guy just lives to play rock n roll. It’s in every facial nuance, and every lick from start to finish. The other real kick is Nugent can still rip on the guitar. This thing is a weapon in his hands.

Filmed on July 4 2008, it’s Nuge’s 6000th show..yeah six thousand. If that was not enough this is 3 piece set for the most part.¬†Mick Brown on drums and Greg Smith on bass know Nugent’s every move. it’s so tight it’s scary.

Sure you’ve heard all the tracks before.¬† Cat Scratch Fever, Free For All, Weekend Warrior, Wango Tango. but hell these are killer versions. Derek St Holmes joins Ted for Stranglehold, Hey Baby and of course Cat Scratch Fever and Johnny Bee Badanjek rips up the Mitch Ryder classic Jenny Take A Ride

If you can have this much passion after 40 years, I say bravo Tedster..ripping

john emms..for emm srock reviews

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