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JOHN MAYALL-john emms cd reviews-TOUGH-Mayall gets heavy


Yes it took me by surprise.  I was thinking  something more mellower and tradtional along the lines of Road Dogs 2005 or In the Palace of The King 2007

This is believe or not Mayall’s 57th album and at age 76 this cd proves  his talent  is firmly intact. 

There are band changes this time out for Mayall. In fact, Mayall’s  replacement for the supereb axe of Buddy Whittington is ROCKY ATHAS,  and out of the box on NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE  Athas  searing and intelligent fret work steps into the breach with killer results. Athas then  continues this all the way through the entire cd.

Elsewhere on Playing with Love as on opening song  Mayall’s biting Little Walter-ish harp work is smack dab in the mix with new bassist Greg Rzab’s groove bass and new drummer Jay Davenport  Not to be outdone Mayall swings on An Eye for An Eye and goes drop d tuning on the tough love of How Far Down.

Elsewhere the glue that holds Mayall’s band remains the excellent playing of organ/piano man Tom Canning

Canning is in fine form throughout. Check out the effortless drive of That Good Old Rockin Blues or the funk of Just what Your Looking For

This is cd a wakeup call for you young guns and blues rockers. JOHN MAYALL remains vital and engaged

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