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THE BEATLES john emms cd reviews/ REMASTERES/must have

bl w j1beatles carFrom sonic sparkle to warm reverb touches to almost the same but louder THE BEATLES REMASTERED catologue is a mammoth undertaking. I received a 32 track Sampler, Rubber Soul, Beatles For Sale, Help and The White Album

But before I start on the SOUND. Let me tell you the Historcial Notes,  Recording Notes,  the Limited Edition Packaging, and Mini documentary videos for your PC OR MAC are PRIMO

THIS IS WORTH THE PRICE ALONE.killer photos, superb historical facts all in one paakage

The crisp sparkle of  NO REPLY that opens  Beatles For Sale is staggering. The vocal work wil blow you out of the room and that goes ditto for John Lennon’s incredible vocal to Chuck Berry’s Rock N Roll Music and Paul’s gorgeous I’ll Follow The Sun  On other songs like Ringo’ s vocal on Honey Don’t it is not as startling.

The White Album retains extra packaging on deluxe paper and also the same poster (but smaller) from the original vinyl. Again sound-wise results are good to mind blowing. Disc One standouts are Lennon’s Glass Onion, Happiness is a Warm Gun and a very warm vinyl to Martha My Dear and the stupendous Blackbird from Paul.

 On Disc 2 the bass work of McCartney on Birthday comes out thumping, Lennon’s vocal work on Sexy Sadie is more in your face, and ditto for George Harrison’s Savoy Truffle, while Ringo’s Good Night with Orchestra arrangemt from George Martin may be the best remastered thing I hear on the whole disc. WOW..

Rubber Soul and Help offer more of the same but make no mistake there is sonic upgrade. I did not receive Sgt Pepper’s or Magical Mystery Tour which I can only think will blow your mind. Every track is mastered from the original stereo anaolog master tapes

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