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For the past  seven years since her last cd much of Whitney Houston’s life has been pushed onto the front pages of every tabloid in the world. And usually not in a good way.

Maybe some of this has been self inflicted. Most of us will never know and nor should we want to.  It’s her life.

However when Houston  launches into the slow soul gospel of  her title track you know she means business. I dare anyone to turn this track way up, stand in the room and let her voice flow through your heart and not be affected.

It’s truly one of the finest vocal moments I have heard in the past few years.

 I’m not crazy about the whole album, but make no mistake there are enough vital tracks here that it will quantify what can be described as “Whitney’s Comeback”  Case in point is her cover of the Leon Russell chestunut A Song For You. Starting out slow and deliberate with strength Houston and her producers then turn the track into a Euro dance  number. Not a good idea to my ears.

But believe me, she still has the goods almost purely by her instinct to know what is good for her vocally and songwise.

 I love the fact she does not sing ballads all through the disc. The album statrts with the pumping bass line on the Alicia Keys written track Million Dollar Bill. and Houston commands her vocal range by not over singing on the  excellent Call You Tonight, and that goes for the AOR power of Worth It, a track I guarantee evcery couple will love. In fact, Houston sings ” I know somebody is gonna make love to this song tonight”.  She’s right.

After 170 million combined albums, singles and videos sold all over the world it’s not about money or how any homes you have. For most singers of this calibre it’s about  proving that her musical insight and talent is not hype.  On this return she proves that beyond any doubt.

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