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top rock/pop cd’s from 2009-by john emms–john mayer, mark knopfler, blue rodeo & more

All of my picks.. are usually BAND ORIENTATED…MUSICIAN ..CRAFTED..IT’S THE WAY I ROLL BABY…I’m not a Grammy Awards type of guy…but it is the best time to pick up the top cd’s of 2009..Prices are lower and record companies and retail wants to move the product. HERE ARE MY PICKS

JOHN MAYER-BATTLE STUDIES-Well crafted songs are key..not as much guitar work as some of his fans would like. He has his blues trio for that..excellent

MARK KNOPFLER-Get Lucky-Great story songs, super fine production..this album just breathes organic quality

BLUE RODEO-The Things We left Beyind-Challenging themselves and their fans with inventive yet familar ways to show off their superb songwritiing and playing.

TOM PETTY and  The Heartbreakers-Live Anthology-I don’t usually pick music that has been done in the past. but this extended live set IS SO GOOD..that it honestly shows they may be the best band on the planet

BLACK CROWES-Until The Freeze-A ROOTS MASTERPIECE..which will catch people off guard..gorgeous songs and playing

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-BIG WHISKEY & THE GROOGRUX KING-Dedicated to their late sax player Leroi Moore..DMB..catch fire and never let up..complicated grooves sound easy in their hands..

BOB DYLAN-Together Through Life-Bob gets the blues and that’s good

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN-Working on a Dream- An adult dose of reality..by one of the best songwriters on the planet

PEARL JAM-Backspacer-Never heard the band play better.. Eddie Vedder is at the top of his game-KILLER STUFF 

U2-No line on the Horizon-I like the singles..yet  have always been slow to be a huge fan..this disc pushes what the band does…  intelligent songs and Bono’s passion cannot be ignored..great tunege..

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