Unforced and totally organic Celleste’s Ready To Fly is  easily one of the most vibrant and refreshing cd’s  I have heard this year.

 Let’s put it this way,  When you listen to about 20 new cd’s a month you may only really completley dig a new artist 2 or 3 times in the entire year. Celleste’s Ready to Fly is one of the those finds.

 This cd took  me by complete surprise. First off the songs, vibe, and Celleste’s vocal work hits you in a distinctive way.

Almost dare I say like an old vinyl recording. If  that was not enough producer and co-songwriter Eric Dick’s skill at integrating  melodies and riffs is at the heart of the cd.

I love the fact the cd blasts off with two distinctive rockers Real Love and Yer Goin’ Down.  The riffs and hooks are deep. From there the acoustic rootsy Drive and piano based Falling capture a deeper vocal feel and ambience.

The mid tempo Whatcha Doing To Me and the  70’s classic rock Dreamboat Annie  Heart era title track expand what Dick and Celleste are tring to achieve.

The feel of a classic rock recording in 2010. To their credit  they come awful close.  

John Emms is a veteran published journalist working with major  and indie labels.  His new roots/rock radio show can be heard here http://emms.podbean.com/ and as a feature podcast on Apple iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/collection-songs-johns-radio/id376049866. John is the songwriter/vocalist with The Shaftmen www.theshaftmen.com  His new solo c d will be out  July 2010

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