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HEAD DOWN-HOW IT ALL BREAKS DOWN-john emms cd review

You have to appreciate the hard work and dedication that a lot of local artists do to pursue their passion. Timmins punk/pop rockers Head Down are a prime example.
I recently attended their cd release party at the Vic Tavern and totally enjoyed the vibe this trio puts out.
The place was packed with their hard core fans and the band’s energy was all consuming.
The trio made up of guitarist/vocalist Dale Yungwirth, drummer Krys Saudino and bass player Brad Quinn are promoting their new fourth independent cd titled How It All Breaks Down.
Right from the faded in explosive opening salvo of Up Against The Wall and the sing a long gang vocal to Holding Out the band welds together a pop sensibility within the sonic speed driven assault of Saudino’s drumming.
It’s something that has to heard to be appreciated. The arrangements are super tight and adventurous as displayed on Move Ahead one of my fave cuts. If you take the attitude and smack of something like Nirvana’s Drain You and married it Weezer’s early work you have an idea of Head Down’s sound.
Their is also a nice dynamic happening with the the harmony vocals on every track notalbly tracks such as Go Slowly and Stay Awake. The attitude of this cd is driven home aggressivley on the ending track Make This Point.
After you consume these songs, you realize lyrically the band is in great shape. It’s very intelligent and you can easily see why fans dig into lyrics such as this from Make This Right
“Let’s pick it up again tonight, without limits to daylight, meet up where bonds are tight. Without our skeptics and our igonorance aside we redeem ourselves to ourselves.  And when we wake up and we realize that friendships have been rewound and tightly tied. This is our life, This is our high and here we will confide”
Head Down have great attitude, and the band’s music is refeshing and vital.
Don’t delay, You can pick up the cd at Cd Plus Timmins Square and Proud Tattoos for $9.99
In other news. I just completed an interview with lead vocalist Brian Vollmer from Canuck classic hard rockers Helix. The band has the original classic lineup back together and will be at The Vic July 2nd for a no holds barred show. Look for that soon.
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